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In loving memory,
Guiseppa - Gucci dal Podere Antico
09-12-2004  -  23-11- 2015

Happy with the safe arrival of the next generation "dal Podere Antico"
6 boys and 3 girls
Proud parents are, "Novella dal Podere Antico" [Nena] x "Finnone Tribiani del Montecani "[Joey]

It's confirmed !
At the end of oktober we expect the next "dal Podere Antico"generation out of
Novella dal Podere Antico [ Ch.Montecani Cuba il Divo JW.ShCM x CH.Isole e Olena dal Podere Antico ]
Finnone Tribiani del Montecani [ Quasimodo dell' Arrone x CH.Hulda dell' Arrone ]
Both parents are HD free and CA free by parentage.

Not only in Europe but also in America our dogs are very successful !!

"Buanarroti dal Podere Antico" [Micheal] was already a Grand Champion but now also awarded with an other wonderful certificate !


Micheal is, t
ogether with his half sister "Prima Donna dal Podere Antico"
[Ziva] owned and loved by Pat Fendley [Mals about Spinoni]

Happy and very proud of 2 other Grand Champions,

"Mr.Oh" [Ovidius] is owned and spoiled by Suzanne Hudson.

"Miffy" [Nodessa] who lives a fantastic life with Jan Mac [Linden Tree Spinone]
is the first r/m Spinone with a naturel tail who rewards the Grand Champion title!

Tree brothers out of the same litter as "Miffy"and our own "Nena",keeping the flag extremely high.
Last year at the ISCGB Champ.Show, "Bellisimo Boy dal Podere Antico" [Milo] was already very successful,
he received with an entry of 138 !!!
Spinoni the res.CC ticket. This year it goes on and on and he's very often placed behind the carts.

"Milo" lives together with his father.
"Montecani Cuba il Divo JW.ShCh. and all other "Bellisimo Boys at Sharon Peacock's house were he's spoiled and loved like now one else!

The first weekend of Aug. was for Freerk Boxem and his boy "Natalio dal Podere Antico"[Hoomer] very successful.
At the Int.Nat.Show in Bremen,[Germany] he received his last CACIB point for the Int.Sh.Champ.title
and the last CAC point for his German Champ.title. A day to remember !

In Mechelen [Belgium] "Nonino dal Podere Antico",make us,and of course his owners Laurens Dens and Tom Jacob,
very proud again, another CAC/CACIB and ..... BOB.
"Nonino"is already crowned by multiple titles,including International Show Champion !

In Poland and a lot of other countries,Aleksandra Sawicka-Sarosta's lovely boy,"Carlo Caldoni dal Podere Antico" received so many titles,
you can find all his achievements and more at his own website

Fantastic Aleksandra and Carlo,so proud and happy for you,keep on doing the good work !

At the double I.D.S. Rotterdam our youngest boy "Bartololmeo Cavojasca" [Barto] received  the CAC twice and was also BOB on both days,
one point to go for his Dutch Junior Champ.title !
The res,CAC and CACIB  on Sunday was for "Natalio dal Podere Antico",owned by Freerk Boxem
Judges,Mr.C.Beattie [IE] and Mrs.A.Giura [RO]

Antwerpen - "Brabo"
A fantastic day with our youngsters,first time out at an Int.Nat.dogshow.
9 months old "Bartolomeo Cavojasca" [Barto] Best junior and ...BOB !!
Baby girl,"Prima Pierretta dal Podere Antico"[Minoe]
Best minor puppy and in the mainring she did so well ......res.Best puppy over 33 other babys !
Last but no least,also "Nonino dal Podere Antico",owned by Laurence Dens and Tom Jacob showed his socks of, CAC /CACIB.
Both males also received a Crufts qualification 2016 award.

In the March edition of the dogmagazine "Hondenmanieren" a nice artikel and some lovely pictures of our dogs.
At the cover our naughty and youngest family member,"Prima Pierretta dal Podere Antico" at 3 months.
Pictures are taken by, R.v.Middelaar.


At the prestigious "Dog of the Year Show" this time 3 Spinoni from our kennel,
Perugino [Pinto] dal Podere Antico and two of his grandchildren,Natalio [Hoomer] dal Podere Antico,
owned by Freerk Boxem and our girl, Novella [Nena] dal Podere Antico,were invited for this special event.
It's always a honor to take part of it and presenting our dogs, proud of all of them !
    Very pleased to see Pinto was selected with the last 6 of FCI group 7 !!

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