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My first meeting with the Spinone Italiano

In 1987, I , Jenneke van Doorn, saw by coincidence a Spinone Italiano and I fell in love with this special breed.
There appearance and there special character were the first things I fell for. From that moment on
I started to look for information about this breed.
In Holland were only a hand full of Spinone and the ownersof this dogs could not helpme to get information.
So I went more then ones to Italy and Englandto find the necessary information about the Spinone.


My first Spinoni

A long and learn full time followed and finally, after almost three years of collecting information,
I went to England to get my first Spinone Italiano puppy "Mantegna Ambra".
"Ambra" from the first litter of Rod en Joy Allison came out of the male "Wynsett Explosione of Mantegna"
and the female "Petra of Mantegna".
"Petra of Mantegna" came from the Sandro Doglio Kennel in Italy and was imported by the Allison's.
A few weeks later I imported a mature female "Wynsett D'Lizia" from England.
"Wynsett D'Lizia" from Linda Collins Kennel "Wynsett".
I called her "Gina", here parents also came from Italian bloodlines.
My first Spinone litter After my visits to several Raduno's and field trails in Italy to find a perfect partner for "Gina",
I decided to use as stud dog the Brown white Spinone "Tom", a beautiful very typical Spinone with excellent character.
From this combination my first Spinone puppy's were born, this was also the first bred Spinone litter in Holland.
From this litter of nine puppy's I kept the female "Amazzotti ". In the mean time I was looking for a stud dog for "Ambra".
Her partner also came from Italy. The male "Afterfull di Val Potenza" looked as a type much like "Ambra".
There were also nine puppy's from this combination. From this litter one male "Briccone dal Podere Antico"
was exported to Italy and a other male "Brody dal Podere Antico" was exported to England.
I kept again a female but later on this female did not fit my standard to breed with.
The male "Brody" was one of the first dogs who enter England throe the Balai Directive (so without quarantine).
"Briccone" was exported to Italy, both a premiere because never before Italian or English people had imported
Spinone from Holland into there country.
Of course some Italian were a little sceptic about this first imported Spinone from Holland but after "Briccone" had proved
to be a excellent working and showing type Spinone the Italian lost their sceptics. Mostly because of "Briccone's"
qualities the Italians started to recognize the hard work I put into my dogs.
And when you breed with the Spinone it is important to have good contacts in Italy.


Dal Podere Antico kennel and Trudie van Lieshout

It was in this time that I became good friends with the married couple Trudie en Frank van Lieshout,
they had a lot of interest in the Spinone, until then they only owned Golden Retrievers.
They had bred with there Goldens on a very small basis.
Trudie and her husband Frank were and are very active in the dog world.
Our friendship grow mostly because our mutual interest for the Spinone.
Also from that moment Trudie and I went to Raduno's and shows together.
The idea's how to go on with the "Dal Podere Antico kennel" became more clear to us both.
Together we decided to import the male "Epithelium Ligabue" from Italy and we called him "Duca".
His parents were "Afterfull di Val Potenza" and "Epithelium Bice".
Puppy "Duca" was the first Spinone who stayed in Trudie and Frank's house.
Because I wanted to breed back in the bloodline of "Ambra" Trudie and I decided
to make the combination with "Amazzotti" and "Briccone Dal Podere Antico.
From this combination we had four puppy's from witch's we kept de female "Cuba Libre Dal Podere Antico"
In the next year we imported the mature female "Wynsett Redrue Rhonda"
and made the combination with the male "Epithelium Ligabue" There were nine puppy's born from this combination.

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