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The bibliography descriptions wich evoke a rough-haired dog of italian origin wich passes as being
the ancestorof the present Spinone.
In his book "Le parfait chasseur (The perfect Hunter) ,Selicourt,
in 1683 speaks of a "griffon" coming from Italy and the Piedmont.
In the Middle Ages and in the 15th century ,this dog often been represented by famous masters;
the best known painting is a fresco by Andrea Mantegna in the ducal palace of Mantua.


There are many divergent options as far as the origin of this dog is concerned.
Some people bielive it belongs to the same stock as the Bracco, and that only
climate circumstances were responsible for the development of the typical Spinone fur.
As Spinones and Braccoes were found quite a while ago in the same regions, this theory seems unacceptable.
Others claim that the Spinone descends from the rough-haired Segugio that was found in the entire region of Piemont,
in Venice, Dalmatia, Istria, and up to the Duna - wich would mean the Spinone originates from the east.
Although some experts are convinced that the Spinone is a crossbreed of a Segugio with a Griffon,
it is most probably the original Spinone from the Julian Alps that -
coming from Russia - penetrated as far as Lombardy and Venice.
All this is contradictionary to the theory of Tschudy - wich we agree with - that the Standing Hound
developed in Italy during the Roman Empire.
The descent of the Italian Rough-haired Standing Hound is similar to the descent of the Bracco.
During the Antiquity, Greek merchants imported rough-haired Standing Hounds into Italy, called Spinone.
This stock came into being by crossbreeding rough-haired standing hounds with one of the white dogs,
that were often found on the Italian coasts.
The Spinone's characteristic feature is its excellent fast trot. It is a perfect hunting dog on all terrains,
especially in swamps and forrest areas.
It is obedient, patient and pleasant. Its expression is clever and brave, and it has gently-looking eyes.
It is a natural retreiver and a very good swimmer.
The Spinone is a forestanding hound.
When it smells the game, the Spinone stands with its nose pointed towards the game, thus drawing the hunter's attention.
Even if there are few possibilities of using the Spinone as a real hunting dog,
one may not forget its qualities as a companion.
The dog preferably stays near its master and mistress, and children mostly become its best friends.
For thos who can feel the Spinone's intelligence and honesty, there is probably no better companion to wish for.

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